About Us

In Taller Antic we specialize in pieces inspired by jewelry and objects from the Elizabethan, modernist and art-deco eras.

Visiting our stores is an immersion in the charm of the late nineteenth century.

Surrounded by mirrors and modernist lamps, our windows and showcases display an elaborate selection of pieces hand-made with the techniques and materials of the time

There are reproductions or own-design items inspired in antique jewelry or in modernist perfume bottles, along with old-style decorative objects and fans by the best Spanish artisans.

Artisanal production

Most of these pieces are handcrafted in our own workshop in Pueblo Español, an architectural museum and artisan center that houses specialists of different trades.

The rest of the items come from other artisan workshops that still keep alive trades and techniques of those times.

This peculiar blend makes our stores unique and a must-see for all those who wish to find, at surprisingly affordable prices, pieces with the same quality and allure as those found at an antiquarian’s or inherited from their great-grandparents.

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